Discovering the Perfect Bra Style for You

woman posing in nude bra with black details

To find the best bra for your shape, you need to know your breasts. Knowing the correct bra size is just the first step. It’s imperative that you understand the natural shape of your breasts to figure out which is the best bra for your breast shape. Beauté Sauvage, as always, is here to help. Let us take you one step closer to uncovering a bra that perfectly fits and accentuates your gorgeous figure.

Get to Know Your Breasts

Knowing the shape of your breasts is a key aspect of figuring out the best bra for your shape. Every woman’s breasts are different— but beautiful all the same. Spend a few moments looking at your goddess self in the mirror to pinpoint the shape of your breasts. Some breasts are asymmetric, meaning that one is slightly larger than the other. That also means that, when choosing a bra, you need to round up as you select the proper cup size. Your breasts may be close together, teardrop-shaped, or widely spaced. Whatever their shape, adore them. Decorate your body in luscious fabrics and decadent designs. You deserve it.

woman wearing a black lace balconette bra

Bring on the Balconette

Plenty of women ask, “What’s the best bra for my breast shape?” That’s the main reason that you want to get to know the shape of your breasts. It will inform the style you buy. For example, balconette bras feature a demi-style cup. If your breasts have a slope, are teardrop-shaped, or their weight distributes toward the bottom, then a balconette is your best option. It offers a minimal amount of coverage to the top of your breasts while giving them an enviable boost that appears natural.

Lift with a Demi

In general, any demi-style bra will work for sloping breasts. However, a demi is also the best bra for your shape if your breasts are on the smaller side. A demi is helpful with widely spaced breasts, as well. The style tends to have more molding than other bras, which will lift your breasts while pushing them closer together. This allows you to make the most of your cleavage. A demi plunge bra is a demi that plunges downward. The cups create a dramatic, dynamic shape that will show off your breasts to their best advantage.

woman wearing the cygne bra

Take the Plunge

 A plunge bra is the best bra for your breast shape no matter what. It has the power to flatter any and all breasts. Closer to the strap, it offers a bit more coverage due to the design of the cups. It will make sloping breasts look fuller, shape fuller breasts, and smooth your breasts regardless of their shape. A plunge bra is perfect when you wear dresses and tops with an equally plunging neckline. Embrace that sultry look.

Are you ready to find the best bra for your shape? Explore our exclusive collection at Beauté Sauvage to uncover a bra that fits you in all of the right places and makes you feel unstoppable. Pair your perfect style with matching knickers or garter belts for a classic and sensual duo. 

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