Find Your Unique Lingerie Style

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At Beauté Sauvage, we celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. That includes helping you find new lingerie styles that are unique to your aesthetic. Whether you adore corset-style lingerie or can’t imagine your life without your matching bra and knickers, we’re here to help you discover your individual style. After all, there’s only one you.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a bra that perfectly fits your curves. Our high-quality bras are carefully crafted to give you the support you need with the aesthetic you love.

To find your ideal look, start with your bust size. If you have a heavier bust, an underwire will offer support and comfort. A plunging style will flatter your fullness. If you’re smaller in the bust, a demi cup will offer lift while accentuating your bust to make it appear more full.

Once you figure out the level of support you need, you can dig into your ideal look. If you’re obsessed with all things flirty, opt for a lacy, delicate bra. If your aesthetic has a little more edge, opt for a strappy piece to add a new level of sexy to your bra. Discover your new lingerie style with Beauté Sauvage.


The world of knickers is vast and versatile. There’s practically no limit to the style of knickers available to you.

Similar to bras, decide what level of coverage you need first. Feeling cheeky? Slip into a bikini-style pair of knickers to expose a tantalizing hint of your bum. Looking for new lingerie styles to add a level of hedonistic decadence to your day? Don a strappy thong or brazilian-style knickers and get ready to feel your absolute sexiest. Even better is pairing these knickers with corset-style lingerie for a sultry, enticing aesthetic.


There’s arguably nothing sexier than a bustier. Bustiers are unbelievably comfortable when you wear them right. Work these into your everyday wardrobe or save them for a special occasion. Daily wear bustiers can add an edge to an otherwise lifeless outfit. They can also dial up the sultry energy for a romantic night in.


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Bringing your new lingerie style together involves the right accessories. If your natural style errs on the side of delicate flirtation, layer your bra and knickers beneath a floaty, sexy nightie. These subtly enticing numbers hint at the lingerie beneath but leave the viewer guessing.

Or, if your personal style is a bit more daring, add an intoxicating garter belt to your ensemble. Garter belts dial up the lascivious intensity of every outfit. Use them to accentuate your waist and hold up your favorite racy pair of stockings.

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Explore our exclusive collections today to find the perfect new lingerie styles to add to your wardrobe. We specialize in the highest quality, comfortable lingerie that inspires you to explore your sexuality.

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