Games of Desire

Games of Desire

The Games of Desire collection is a captivating embodiment of allure and seduction inspired by Kay Lake's enigmatic persona in the movie The Dark Dahlia. This collection is a celebration of feminine strength, mystery, and allure, meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of desire. Each design intricately weaves together luxurious fabrics, alluring silhouettes, and evocative details to leave a lasting impression.


Desire — the very word means a craving, wanting, or longing. That’s the inspiration behind this unique collection of hedonistic lingerie.

Like all our items, we began our red and black lace lingerie collection with handpicked lace and silk from France. Our highly skilled couturiers then designed every piece to contour your body’s curves.

The Bra

Our Games of Desire bra offers shallow demi cups to give you barely-there coverage while perfectly lifting your breasts. Entice your lover or thrill yourself with this low-cut, plunge design that supports you and your deepest desires.

The Thong

Add to your lingerie set with the Games of Desire thong. Enjoy a classic g-string design with our signature gathered straps that lay comfortably and attractively on your hips. The lace on the front adds a delightful hint of romance to this red and black lace lingerie.

The Garter

Top your collection off with the Games of Desire garter belt. It’s the perfect blend of racy yet sophisticated, daring yet coy. Attach this belt to your favorite set of sexy stockings and get ready to take on the world.


Our luxury designs are exclusive, so don’t wait to add this gorgeous collection to your wardrobe! Shop our one-of-a-kind, high-quality lingerie today.

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