How to Properly Wash Your Lingerie

model wearing lace lingerie

If you want to get the most use out of your luxury bras and knickers, you have to know how to wash lingerie. Do you hand wash? Machine wash? What are the proper drying methods? Beauté Savage has the answers to all of your lingerie care questions! We want to empower women everywhere to embrace their natural beauty with our luxurious lingerie. Because we make our bras, knickers, bustiers, and more with ultra-luxe fabrics, it’s important to know how to wash this lingerie, so you can enjoy your pieces time and time again.

Get Everything Properly Sorted

First, you’ll want to sort out your delicates from your regular laundry items. Get all of your lace, silk, and other delicate fabrics separated from everything else. Materials like this should be delicately washed on their own, apart from cotton sports bras and other sturdier fabrics.

Have the Right Products for The Job

Due to the delicate nature of garters, nightwear, and other lingerie, typical laundry soaps can be a bit harsh on these items. To keep your bras and knickers as lascivious as the day you bought them, invest in some lingerie detergent. There are a variety of brands to choose from, and this is an important step to take in knowing how to wash your lingerie properly. Typical laundry soaps can break down the delicate materials and shorten the life of your favorite pieces, so take the time and make the investment in a lingerie detergent.

Get Handsy

Now it’s time to get hands-on! Get a basin of warm water (not hot) and put a small amount of lingerie detergent into it and create some suds. Put your intimates into the bin and let them soak for up to thirty minutes. If you have any stubborn stains that need to get worked out, grab a small amount of cleanser, apply it to the spot, and gently scrub. After washing, rinse your garments with warm water. Depending on the lingerie piece, you may be able to machine wash your delicates on a gentle cycle. It is important to remember to follow the directions listed on your specific lingerie detergent to get the best results and to check out the care instructions recommended for your specific garment.

Start Drying

Knowing how to wash lingerie also means knowing how to dry it. We recommend air drying or line drying your lingerie pieces. Allow them to dry on a flat surface or hang them up to keep their gorgeous shape. Drying in a machine stretches fabrics and loosens the bond in materials, stretching them out and impacting the fit of your lingerie. Have wrinkles? Skip the iron and lightly steam your delicates for a smooth, beautiful finish you’ll love.

Lingerie is meant to make you feel good and give you a confidence boost. The bras, knickers, corsets, and other lingerie pieces that we make are designed to highlight the beauty of your body and accentuate your natural curves. We want every woman to feel beautiful, and our luxurious lingerie will do just that. Shop now!